Ear Piercing

Caflon Ear Piercing – £25, Including Earrings & 2 Aftercare solutions

• The recognised brand for ear piercing.
• A British based company involved in the manufacture and distribution of high quality ear piercing equipment and hypo allergenic fashion earrings.

If you decide to have ear piercing, make sure you find a reputable, licensed Salon. 

Here at The Therapy Rooms we have passed our hygiene and safety standards set out by the council, by health and safety officers and fully comply with legislation to give our clients piece of mind.

Piercing of the ears is especially popular among teenagers and young adults. They are fairly safe procedures, as long as they’re performed by a licensed specialist and you take care not to get the hole infected.

For anyone under 16 or appearing under 16, we would require ID or parental consent.

The Procedure

Ear piercing is done with a piercing gun, by our therapist in a private therapy room. All utensils are one-use and are sterile sealed for your treatment.

Contra indications of ear piercing

If a client is suffering from any of the following then they should seek medical advice before you pierce their ears.

• Circulation disorders
• High or low Blood Pressure
• History of Thrombosis / Embolism
• Epilepsy (Epileptics must be accompanied by someone if you are to pierce their ears)
• Pregnancy
• Diabetes
• Dysfunctions of the Nervous System
• Skin disorders
• Bruises or recent Haemorrhage or Swelling
• Scar tissue or Keloids
• Warts or Moles (you may pierce through freckles)
• Cuts, Abrasions or recent operations

Healing times

Healing times vary and typically are as follows:

• Earlobe – six weeks
• Top of the ear – at least three to four months

After Care

• Do not fiddle with the ears, avoid any unnecessary handling of the ears and studs.
• Do not replace studs with other earrings during the initial 6 week period (12 weeks for cartilage).
• Wash hands before touching the stud or ear and cleanse the pierced area twice a day without removing the earrings by lightly applying Caflon Ear Care Solution to the front and back of the pierced area.
• With clean hands, rotate the studs back and forth at least once a day.
• Do not allow soap or shampoo to build up behind the stud or clasp.
• Rinse well with the Caflon Ear Care Solution after bathing.
• Between cleanings, keep the pierced area DRY.
• Cover the ears when spraying perfume, antiperspirant, hairspray.
• Do not push the butterfly clasp along the post toward the ear. The Butterfly clasp should always be positioned at the end of the post.
• Minor pain/redness may occur immediately – this is normal. This should settle within 48 hours provided the client faithfully follows proper after care. If undue pain/swelling occurs advise the client to consult their physician immediately but warn them not to remove the studs until they have consulted their doctor.

To prevent piercings from closing

Do not take studs out for at least 6 weeks (12 weeks for cartilage).

Should excessive redness, irritability, itching or soreness occur consult your doctor immediately. Do not remove the studs until you have consulted your doctor.

General points

After 6 weeks the stud can be removed from the ear lobe (12 weeks for cartilage) and another post type earring should be worn. The post should be 24 ct Gold Plated or Stainless Steel and this type should be worn for at least another 2 months following the healing period. No wire type earrings should be worn during this period. The wearing of heavy earring at any time may cause the piercing hole to stretch leaving a slit effect to the piercings.  During the first year of piercing the client should avoid going longer than 24 hours without wearing earrings. This will ensure that the piercings will not close.  If the client follows these aftercare instructions faithfully they will, in later years, have a small smooth round hole in each ear – never a slit.